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Instructor Spotlight: Natalia Morales

A dance and fitness studio can only be measured by the quality of it’s instructors and the small amount of time spent in class is just not enough time to really get to know them. What are their dreams, inspirations and background? Well we thought we’d find out … [Read More...]


A Brief History of Ballet

When we think of dance we usually just think of all the movement. In our mind, we see graceful dancers filling a stage while beautiful music fills the air. But dance is so much more than just the movement we see. Dance, as we see it in present day, has been … [Read More...]

blue jump

Turns & Leaps Sample Session

Looking to increase your balance, add height to your leaps, do multiple turns? Well there's no time like now to put a little extra SPRING in your step with our Leaps and Turns Sample Session with Natalia Morales.   Beginning Tuesday, March 24th … [Read More...]